Lung Cancer

Study says, biomarker in liquid biopsy for lung cancer can be more reliable than tumour biopsy [Video]

#India #HealthNews #biopsy New Delhi, June 03 (ANI): Mount Sinai researchers have proven that a simple blood test called a liquid biopsy can be a stronger predictor of whether cancer immunotherapy will work for a patient with lung cancer than an invasive tumour biopsy technique.The study has been published in the journal, “Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research”. The liquid biopsy tests for a biomarker of PD-L1, a protein and targets a type of immunotherapy called checkpoint inhibitors, which helps the patient’s immune system attack and kill cancer cells. This study showed that testing the blood of lung cancer patients for the PD-L1 biomarker gave more accurate predictions of the response and survival for patients with lung cancer than testing for PD-L1 in tissue from lung cancer biopsies, the current standard of care. The biomarker in blood, named EV PD-L1, comes from extracellular vesicles, which are particles shed from tumour cells. A decrease of PD-L1 in extracellular vesicles in blood could therefore become a useful test to predict which patients with non-small-cell lung cancer could benefit from immunotherapy.———————————————————————————————-Enjoy and stay connected with us!!☛ Like us: ☛Follow us :☛ Visit us :☛ Feedback to Shrawan K Poddar :

Blood Cancer

Mind Matters: Ruby Walvin on battling blood cancer while at university | 5 News [Video]

Have you subscribed to 5 News?: So many people have extraordinary stories of struggle and resilience that we can all learn from.First guest on #MindMatters with Dr Sian Williams is Ruby Walvin – a young musician, she was diagnosed with blood cancer during her first year of university.She told 5 News her story. You can here more of Ruby’s music on her channel: #5News #News Follow 5 News: Contact us on Facebook: Get in touch on Twitter: See the latest on Instagram: About 5 News: Welcome to the Channel 5 News Youtube channel where we post a daily playlist every weekday with the biggest stories of the day.From the British Royal Family to Britain’s exit of the European Union, the 5 News channel covers important international and national news events in short 2-3 minute explainers to 30-minute specials and podcasts.Subscribe to the channel here to stay up to date – flagship programme at 5pm is watched on Channel 5 by up to a million viewers, with a later bulletin broadcast at 6.30pm and regular news updates throughout the day.ITN changed the TV news landscape when it launched 5 News in 1997, producing Five News for nine years before winning the contract to supply news to Channel 5 again from 2012.

Breast Cancer

What is Breast Cancer? Part 1 | Causes, Risk Factors, Symptoms & Treatment | Awareness in Urdu/Hindi [Video]

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers worldwide but despite this there is still a lack of awareness among the general public regarding breast cancer. In Pakistan 1 in every 9 women will develop breast cancer during their lifetime. Awareness regarding breast cancer is essential in combating breast cancer as knowledge is power. In this video Dr Nida Farrukh (Consultant Classified Breast Surgeon, Fauji Foundation Hospital) explains what breast cancer is and how it can be diagnosed and treated. Best protection is early detection.Believe There Is Hope For A Cure.#LIVE_ONCE_LIVE_FOR_OTHERS Subscribe to our channel :… To share our video: our Facebook Page: our Instagram Page: Suggestions, Email