Blood Cancer

EJR w/Jeanine Molloff – Florida’s radioactive roads, part 2, Mosaic’s role. 06/04 by Progressive News Network [Video]

Last week on EJR, I discussed the imminent passage of a law in Florida which will permit the state to use radioactive materials in road pavement. This week, I will discuss the corporation that pushed for this law, MOSAIC Corp. This is yet another example of predatory capitalism and corporate rule. This is part of a series. Our second story deals with the revokation of Medicaid coverage, including how Florida revoked coverage for a 7 year old child battling leukemia. And still, the GOP claims the mantle of ‘pro-life.’ My Little Margie will air with a new segment, and we will announce another “Jackass of the Week” honoree. Come join me. Jeanine