Pediatric Cancer

blood for the blood god – a technoblade anthem (ft. my discord community) [Video]

After two months and an old MacBook model constantly going through system overloads, here’s the last community collaboration for this year, in honor of our favorite Orphan Obliterator, Anarchy Aficionado, Porcine Prince, Monarch of Malice, Death Incarnate: @Technoblade.Stream on your favorite platforms: will be monitored closely and every cent earned will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital – a foundation aiding pediatric cancer patients not only in the US, but all around the world.Check out its global program here: Art Jewel AmorSoloistsSekiya Tsushima ( ( ( Jewel AmorLyricsWassup_mkj (same link as above)River_KingK (same link as above)@Fenyx AdeliaPotatchloride ( Sekiya Tsushima (same link as above)straightjacket_kickboxerArbee Lee ( ( Jewel AmorChoirAmary Ameliethyst ( ( Lee (same link as above)Archea AspenGraceK ( @ButterscotchBread Calamamsi! ( ( ( ( ( (same link as above)Ellaorwhatever ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (same link as above)RainbowFanAnne ( ShadoeDarkus shei ( ( StukiStar ( ( TrinityTheAffinity ( Hellion VinyL ( Check out my Discord community! Pretty chill, lots of Pog people in there 😀 more crap-posting, follow me on Twitter: stream here: me on UltimateGuitar for the chords! out my carrd for additional links, including Spotify!https://preciousjewelamor.carrd.coSupport me by buying me a coffee! #technothepig