Breast Cancer

New breast cancer drug delivers unprecedented levels of survival, stopping tumor growth [Video]

A trial of a newly approved breast cancer drug in patients who are not typically targeted by the drug resulted in extremely encouraging results never seen before. Patients who received the drug survived longer and had lower growth in their tumours than those who received standard chemotherapy. ThePrint’s Sandhya Ramesh explains the findings.Brought to by @Kia India To know more, read: to the Pure Science Telegram Channel reading: Modi, S., et al.; The New England Journal of Medicine (2022) Trastuzumab Deruxtecan in Previously Treated HER2-Low Advanced Breast Cancer———————————————————————————————Join our channel to get access to perks. Click ‘JOIN’ or follow the link below:———————————————————————————————Connect with ThePrint» Subscribe to ThePrint:» Subscribe to our YouTube Channel:» Like us on Facebook:» Tweet us on Twitter:» Follow us on Instagram:» Find us on LinkedIn :» Subscribe to ThePrint on Telegram:» Find us on Spotify:» Find us on Apple Podcasts: