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The Most Painful Ways To Die, According To Science [Video]

The Most Painful Ways To Die, According To Science

Human beings have a natural fear of dying. The end of life is a scary proposition, even if it’s many years into the future. Though most of us hope that we can die peacefully in our sleep, life doesn’t always go so easy. But even in the event that you find yourself reaching the end of your life very conscious of that end, there are some ways to go that are worse than others.

Whether it’s by lethal injection, electrocution, radiation poisoning, or a common heart attack, some causes of death can be far more unpleasant than most. Here are the most painful ways to die, according to science.

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Crucifixion | 0:00
Drowning | 1:11
Electrocution | 2:16
Burning | 3:20
Radiation sickness | 4:25
Pancreatic cancer | 5:34
Lethal injection | 6:33
Heart attack | 7:49
Freezing | 8:35
Boomslang | 9:41

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Pancreatic Cancer

The Pancreas Center at Columbia/NewYork-Presbyterian [Video]

At the Pancreas Center, we believe in care that goes beyond medications and procedures. We believe in compassion–treating people, not diseases. We believe in commitment–a team of specialists, focused on you, available when you need us. And above all, we believe in hope–providing encouragement not just with words, but with science, as our research team works to find more and better options to treat, diagnose, and prevent pancreatic conditions like pancreatic cancer and pancreatitis.From Columbia University Irving Medical Center and NewYork-Presbyterian hospital system.