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The Power of The Flower [Video]

The Power of The Flower

In this episode, we pick up with Juvar mid-flower from week 4 – later flower. Javar is learning about the importance of headroom. It looks like the Diablo lights mixed with some bomb-ass Ventana Plant Science has made his flowers stretch a bit taller than anticipated.

We have to keep in mind the importance of balancing the light ratio to get fuller thicker plants with ceiling height. A couple of the ladies got a bit too close to the lights, so Juvar had to raise them a bit more.

Temp, Humidity, VPD, PPFD, NDLI, and DLI (daily light intervals) all play important factors in the success of your grow. Below is a list of Juvar’s DLI from week 1 to the present.

DLI (Daily Light Intervals)
Week 1: 34-36
Week 2: 38-40
Week 3: 42-44
Week 4: 46-50
Week 5: 48-50
Week 6: 48-50
Week 7: 46-48
Week 8: 40-44
Week 9: 36-38
Last 3 Days: 30-32

So far the main difference between the flowers under Diablo X is more growth and a slightly darker and richer coloring of the plants. Stick around for the next and final episode where we take a look at the results of this 5 month long experiment!

Sit back and enjoy some knowledge

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Products used this in this garden:
HLG – Scorpion Diablo and Diablo X:
Ventana Plant Science FlaVUH:
Athena Blended Line:
Flora Flex Coco Bags:
Netafim Drippers:


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