Brain Cancer

Touching tribute for late Minnetonka dancer [Video]

Touching tribute for late Minnetonka dancer

Nearly seven months after a former Minnetonka dancer lost a battle with brain cancer, her best friends are working to honor her legacy.

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Brain Cancer

Brain Cancer Vlogs: Lomustine Bone Aches [Video]

#glioblastoma #braincancer #headacherelief #cancer #seizures #ketogenic #lomusstine#bone pain #bone sches #calciumdeficiency #cancervlog I'm going to start eating more calcium rich foods because my bones are starting to ache from the lomustine treatment I think. either that or I'm just getting old.catch me on my stream, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere ProTools: Gaomon PD1560, Elgato HD60S, Playstation 4, Nintendo SwitchFree Audio from: Face Rig: Character: Hijiki.Please follow me on Twitch for daily drawings. our store for prints and merch!https://www.thefetteredfox.comTwitter: leave a comment and subscribe!

Brain Cancer

Dr. Michael Abramoff and the Ethics of AI in Healthcare Informatics Education Grand Rounds 9/13/23 [Video]

Hear from Dr. Michael Abramoff from the University of Iowa about the ethics of artificial intelligence in healthcare. Rounds are presented throughout the academic year (Sept-June). Join us virtually on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 12-1 PM ET, where we hear from informatics leaders and researchers from both the local region and the broader national landscape. #clinicalinformatics #healthcareinformatics #johnshopkins #OHDSI #OMOP #precisionmedicine #dataanalytics #onlineeducation #healthcaredata #informatics #AI

Brain Cancer

CDC recommends updated COVID-19 vaccine. [Video]

The CDC is now recommending that everyone 6 months and older get an updated COVID-19 vaccine to help protect themselves against the virus. Infectious disease specialist Kristin Englund, MD, answers some questions you may have about the updated vaccine.How do you know if you are up-to-date on COVID-19 vaccines? The answer and more: you liked the video hit like and subscribe for more!Check out more of our shorts at #shorts #short #covidupdates #covidvaccine #covidvaccinationupdates #covidvariant #covidbooster