Pancreatic Cancer

Vlog/Lunch/Update on my Husbands Pancreatic Cancer Journey ! [Video]

Vlog/Lunch/Update on my Husbands Pancreatic Cancer Journey !

Just a little Vlog/Lunch Video and I have a small update on my Husbands Pancreatic Cancer Journey ! I hope that everyone has a beautiful day💛Please give this video a Thumbs 👍🏻Up .. Be sure to Comment below & Share the video and help me grow my Channel !! ❤️💛💚💜 Also don’t forget to click on the notification bell so you will always know when I upload !! The Love and Support of my SuperFam .. is what makes this channel great ! So happy to have u in my life !! Love u!
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Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer by Dr Khadija Sattar (Sonologist) #doctors #education #ultrasound #imagingstudy [Video]

ASSALAM-O-ALIKUM i m DR KHADIJA SATTAR my main purpose to create this channel to spread out medical education to all with easy way and correct information and material to all specially student's & general public.In this Video we learn about Pancreatic Cancer by Dr Khadija Sattar (Sonologist)please watch my videos till endThanks for your precious time.#students #medical #doctors #khadijasattar #drkhadijasattar #sonologist #motivation #ultrasound #sonographer #education #public #medicalstudents #drkhadijasattar #elearnin #imagingstudy Follow Me onTwitter: video : Dr Khadija Sattar837