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Warming Trends: At COP26, a Rock Star Named Greta, and Threats to the Scottish Coast. Plus Carbon-Footprint Menus and Climate Art Galore [Video]

Eating Meat at COP Is Like Serving Cigarettes ‘at a Lung Cancer Conference’

What do three square meals a day look like in Glasgow this week? 

Perhaps in the morning, you begin with Scottish morning rolls with Ayrshire bacon. Then for lunch you order a smoked ham sandwich with mature cheddar cheese, and for dinner, you enjoy braised Scottish venison casserole. The climate impact of your food choices would total 2.8 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent. 

You could opt for a more planet-friendly, plant-based diet and swap a vegetable and mushroom substitute for the bacon, select a grilled vegetable and kale pesto sandwich for lunch and enjoy a pearl barley and root vegetable hot pot with marinated cabbage for dinner. Your food would have produced just 0.5 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent.

The dozens of dishes on the menu at COP26 this week appear alongside their carbon dioxide equivalents, a metric calculated by the Swedish start-up company Klimato

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