Skin Cancer

When she filmed herself zapping zits, Dr Pimple Popper never expected to become a global sensation [Video]

When Dr Sandra Lee started an Instagram account in 2014 to showcase her work as a dermatologist, people were only mildly interested in how she administered Botox and tackled skin cancer.

But after she posted a clip of a blackhead being squeezed, something almost all of us have done in the privacy of our own homes, people got very, very excited.

As Dr Lee began posting other grotesque but strangely satisfying videos of extractions of squishy blackheads, removing whiteheads as hard as pebbles and excising inflamed cysts the size of small volcanoes, her career as a social media star, well, erupted.

Seven years on, using the catchy nickname of Dr Pimple Popper, the 50-year-old has rock star status in the world of dermatology, with fans including Gwyneth Paltrow and Kim Kardashian — both self-confessed ‘popaholics’.

Dr Lee’s videos on her YouTube channel have been viewed an astonishing 1.8 billion times in total — she has …

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