Breast Cancer

When to schedule annual mammogram and COVID-19 vaccine [Video]

Doctors warn if it's not planned carefully, common side effects from the vaccine could lead to alarming mammogram results.

Not scheduling them far enough apart could lead to incorrect and anxiety-inducing results.

Breast cancer awareness month is coming to an end, but doctors are stressing the importance of annual checks even when the pink ribbons aren’t as visible.

“Screening mammograms are important to get regularly and on time,” Dr. Kristina Shaffer, a breast surgical oncologist with Novant Health, said. “The reason for this being they’re the only imaging and modality that have been shown to improve survival from breast cancer.”

But with health officials pushing the need for COVID vaccines and now boosters, some careful planning is required. Some people will get swollen lymph nodes under their armpits after the vaccine, which is a normal immune response.

But the swelling could also be a rare sign of breast cancer, forcing doctors to take a closer look.

“Getting called back after a screening mammogram when you …

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