Brain Cancer

Woman, 22, explains how she lives life while stuck inside ‘8-year-olds body [Video]

Shauna suffered from a rare form of cancer when she was six months old

A 22-year-old woman who lives life stuck in “the body of an eight-year-old” has revealed how she gets people to treat her as an adult.

Shauna Rae, from Long Island, stands at 3ft 10in tall and weighs about 50 pounds due to a form of medical dwarfism.

At six months old, Shauna was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer and underwent chemotherapy.

While the radiation successfully rid her body of cancer, it caused her pituitary gland to not function properly. The gland affects the “brain, skin, energy, mood, reproductive organs, vision, growth, and more,” according to the Cleveland Clinic.

While Shauna’s dwarfism was noticed at kindergarten, with many of the other children standing at least a foot taller than her, it  wasn’t until she was 16 that doctors told her that she was officially done developing.

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