Prostate Cancer

WWII veteran’s story of survival at Cleveland Clinic [Video]

Felix Pasteris is a decorated veteran of WWII. His courageous battles against prostate cancer and COVID-19 have earned him recognition from Cleveland Clinic.

CLEVELAND — Felix Pasteris celebrated a very special birthday this year.

He is 100 years old.

Pasteris has been through quite a journey. He joined the U.S. Army Air Forces just three weeks after graduating high school. He served in WWII and received a number of awards, including a Bronze Star Medal and three Presidential Medals during his five years of service.

A simple “thank you” message has offered Pasteris comfort over the years.

“Now that I’ve been around for a few years, it’s really rewarding to me,” said Pasteris. “I was sort of a nobody. I put in my five years, and I went through hell. I just look back and think, ‘well, you did your part. And you’re here.’”

Several challenges have also surfaced over the last few years. Pasteris …

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