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Xeni Jardin Breaks Down Into Tears Over AHCA [Video]

Today, not only did the House finally — and narrowly — pass the American Health Care Act following it being pulled six weeks ago, but President Donald Trump also signed a religious liberty executive order that promised greater freedoms to religious groups over political speech. (Though the ACLU immediately pointed out the order was pretty toothless.)

At the end of a segment this evening on MSNBC, Boing Boing writer and breast cancer survivor Xeni Jardin got incredibly emotional while speaking about the actions taken today in Washington.

“It’s not a political outcome, it’s a human outcome,” Jardin told host Chris Hayes, who asked her what she was hoping to achieve by fighting against these policies.

She then began sobbing, “This isn’t the America that I love. The America that I love cares about my right to life, even though I’m 46 years past being a fetus. The America that I love loves diversity.”

Jardin would also bring up late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, …

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