Brain Cancer

You may get brain cancer [Video]

You may get brain cancer

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Brain Cancer

Cancer: Men more likely to develop tumour than women due to 'intrinsic biological differen [Video]

CANCER is a pernicious disease which can affect anyone, at any time, in their life with statistics suggesting around one in two people will develop cancer in their lifetime. A number of risk factors can affect someone's chances of getting cancer and while some of these factors can be controlled, others can't.

Brain Cancer

My Incredible Brain Cancer Recovery with CORE [Video]

We aren't supposed to pick favorites, but of all our clients, Charise is one of the nearest and dearest to us at CORE!Having survived cancer after undergoing surgery to remove a tumor in her brain, Charise was left facing several major challenges to living everyday life in the years following. The tumor and the surgery impaired her vision, balance, coordination, and many other functions. Having been in and out of physical therapy for years, making some progress only to fall or break something, Charise needed a more permanent solution.Luckily, she found CORE! She'll talk about her experience in the video, but (spoiler alert) she's been a happy CORE client ever since she first came to us over ten years ago...Santa Cruz CORE Fitness + Rehab is a health, fitness and wellness center in Santa Cruz and Watsonville, CA or call 831-425-9500! CORE’s Mission: Helping as many people as possible achieve their optimal health through our community of wellness. Santa Cruz CORE is your integrative health and wellness center. Our unique method of integrating several fitness and wellness modalities allows us to be a one-stop wellness shop, specializing in a whole body approach to preventative, rehabilitative and overall healthy lifestyle solutions.Follow us on: to us at: