Colon Cancer

Running to London [Video]

On Friday 22nd July 2022 I set out on a 310km run from Swansea High Street Station in Swansea, south Wales to Paddington Station in London, arriving four days later on Monday 25th July 2022.As an avid (but amateur) distance runner I have always been keen to test myself with a challenge that really tested me to limits and this was it.In March 2022, my Mother-in-Law Patricia Quirk was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma, a form of cancer that is incredibly hard, if not impossible to treat. Sadly, she passed away peacefully a day after finding out her diagnosis having presumably suffered with the illness for a number of months.I decided then that I wanted to do something to raise money and awareness for Tenovus Cancer Care, a cancer charity based in Wales that have been helping individuals affected by cancer and their families and friends. It made sense to undertake this challenge to do this, Pat herself had spent 30+ years working for the DVLA and as part of her role she would regularly take the train from Swansea to Paddington, so it made sense to follow the route that Pat herself took hundreds of times over the years.I set about upping my training, going from running around 50km a week to about 110km a week. I started doing 50km runs every Saturday to increase my stamina and I created a JustGiving page to help Tenovus out.I initially set a £1000 target, which was broke in a week or so. We raised the target to £2000, which again was broken quickly. We raised the target again to £3000, which was broken a few days before the challenge started. During the run, due to the amount of donations coming in I decided to raise the target once more to £4000 and we managed to beat that target a week after the run’s completion.This video documents my training process, clips from the four days spent running from Swansea to London, some photographs that I took along the way and some comments from myself about the run.I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it. Please sit back, relax and enjoy.The donation link will be open until late September, so if you would still like to donate you can do so by visiting

Skin Cancer

Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy | Procedure & Side-effects | Visual Explanation [Video]

This video contains a simplified, visual explanation of the procedure and side-effects (lymphedema) of a sentinel lymph node biopsy. A Sentinel node biopsy is a surgical procedure used to determine whether breast cancer/melanoma has spread beyond a primary tumor into the lymphatic system.Timecodes:0:00 Introduction0:08 What is a sentinel node?0:23 What is a sentinel node biopsy?0:37 Procedure 1:16 Axillary Lymph Node Dissection1:35 Side-effects (lymphedema)2:05 The end

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer risk prediction nomogram for female non smokers [Video]

#LUNGCANCER #CANCERSCREENING #CLINICALMEDICINE #HEALTHANDMEDICINEAbout 53% of lung cancers in females are not attributable to smoking worldwide and a new model presented at the IASLC World Conference on Lung Cancer may allow clinicians the ability to assess and stratify lung cancer risk in female non-smokers in China. Lanwei Guo, & team examined data from 151,834 patients in China, from October 2013 to October 2019 from the Cancer Screening Program in Urban China.Get the latest medical and health news at medicaldialogues.inFollow us on Twitter:

Medical Marijuana

Indonesian mothers fight to get their children access to medical marijuana | Indonesian News [Video]

Medan, Indonesia – There was nothing wrong with Pika Sasi Kirana when she was born.Pika was a bouncing baby who weighed 3.4kg (7.5lb). She quickly became an active toddler, and she was just like the other kids in her class by the time she started kindergarten. She loved singing, dancing, and riding her bike in the afternoons. Her mother, Santi Warastuti, and father, Sunarta, we’re proud to see their only child grow up and do well.But when Pika was about five years old, her health went downhill quickly. The little girl started to throw up often at school and had spells where she passed out. When Warastuti, now 43 years old, took her daughter Pika to the doctor in Denpasar on the island of Bali in Indonesia, Pika was given medicine for epilepsy.Stay Connected with us:====================Website: https://newsRme.comYouTube: :

Blood Cancer

Austin 4-year-old celebrates being cancer free with trip to Florida | FOX 7 Austin [Video]

Josie is now cancer free after undergoing treatment for a type of blood cancer. Tuesday was a celebration for both her and her family. brings you the important stuff like breaking news, weather, and local stories out of Central #Texas. But also plenty of fun stuff, like Pet of the Weekend, the best of our archives, and all those ‘only-in-#Austin’ stories.Subscribe to FOX 7 Austin: Download the FOX 7 Austin News app: to the FOX 7 Austin newsletter: from FOX 7 Austin: a news tip? Call us at 512-472-0988 or email us: