Skin Cancer

Specific Blood Pressure Drugs Associated With Skin Cancer: Best Of: Apr, 2021 [Video]

Thiazide blood pressure drugs including hydrochlorthazide can bump up the risk of deadly skin cancer by 60%. This the conclusion from a University of Toronto study comparing 302,634 adults on hypertensive medications and 605, 268 unmedicated matched controls. Increasing doses of thiazide medications were associated with increasing incidence of melanoma and the less lethal keratinocyte carcinoma. On the whole those on this medication had a 60% higher incidence of melanoma, a 52% higher incidence of advanced keratinocyte carcinoma, and a 44% increased rate of keratinocyte carcinoma.Those with light, sensitive skin prone to cancer should use another blood pressure med. Those on thiazides should have their skin checked carefully by a dermatologist. #hydrochlorthiazide #melanoma #skincancer #hypertension