Prostate Cancer

Fox’s Tucker Carlson Says Covid Talk Is ‘Boring’ Like ‘Prostate Cancer’ [Video]

Tucker Carlson said people who are still discussing covid-19 are “boorish”. It’s an infectious disease that kills 400k Americans a year right now, but he compared it to prostate cancer that kills 34,000 Americans a year, and is not infectious. He’s not really trying anymore at this point. But the sadder fact is he doesn’t have to. Millions will watch and believe anyway.We stream our live show every day at 12 PM ET.We need your help to keep providing free videos! Support the Majority Report’s video content by going to the Majority Report live M–F at 12 p.m. EST at or listen via daily podcast at http://Majority.FMDownload our FREE app: http://majorityapp.comSUPPORT the show by becoming a member: http://jointhemajorityreport.comWe Have Merch!!! http://shop.majorityreportradio.comLIKE us on Facebook: us on Twitter: to us on YouTube: Well it sounds like Jen Psaki maybe that question about sending tests to every American and maybe it wasn’t so stupid.Sam: It wasn’t so stupid. and in fact, there are some we’re starting to see that states are starting to do this on their own at this point. with some of their covid relief money. I think but with all that said with covid exploding all around here if you turn to the most-watched cable news host in the country last night of course is he warning people? let’s be careful out there heading to Christmas or is he of course once again pooh-poohing the existence of covid. I give you tucker Carlson.Tucker: It’s a piece of advice if you find yourself living in a place where people are still talking about covid non-stop two years in. It is time to move. not just because your neighbors have been brainwashed though obviously, they have been. but because your neighbors are boring. at this point, it is simply not an interesting topic for your private life. yes, covid has killed a lot of people. so has prostate cancer. Imagine telling people about your prostate every day for the next two years. people would know that you were a narcissist. no one would sit next to you at dinner. you would be boorish. and that’s exactly what covid talk sounds to the well-adjusted among us. when we talk about covid incessantly we miss everything else. and that’s the real point. This is a big and complicated and completely fascinating world. babies are born. the elderly die. in between. all kinds of amazing things happen. we succeed, we fail. We scheme, we inspire. We fell in love. we create things that haven’t existed before. Sam: You can end it here. We are incredibly craven for the sake of making money. and are so desperate to increase our celebrity that we are willing to make a comparison between 400,000 people dying per year now of covid. it’s actually a little bit higher than that in this country. because it didn’t start until March of 2022. versus 34,000 people dying a year of prostate cancer. I will also tell you that the average age of someone who dies of prostate cancer in this country is 80. There are at least 130,000 children who are orphans in this country. Never mind 5 million around the world 130,000 in this country who are orphans because of covid. when you die when you’re 80 your kids most likely are well into their twenties or their thirties or their forties or their 50s or 60s.Emma: Also I wasn’t aware that prostate cancer was a contagious disease that might cause anxiety around people because you don’t necessarily know if you’re going to be infected by it. this is the Marjorie Taylor green thing she had that tweet that was ragged on like a few weeks ago where she compared cancer to covid. One is an infectious disease, the other one is something that you can’t give to other people. at least you know very directly.Sam: And I should also say I mean like the implications of prostate cancer in many many people are not nearly as I mean aside from the fact that you are 10 times as likely to die from covid as you would be from prostate cancer. at least on an annual basis so the past two years the covid has been around. but we don’t know the implications of long covid and we do know the implications of long prostate. Most people, the vast majority of people who have prostate cancer do not die from prostate cancer. They die of prostate cancer.