Differentiated Thyroid Cancer Therapy (Theranostics) by Anca M. Avram, M.D., FACNM [Video]

Differentiated Thyroid Cancer Therapy (Theranostics) by Anca M. Avram, M.D., FACNM

Continuing Medical Education – #Radiology #Oncology Lecture Series (Video Clip)
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Speaker: Anca M. Avram, M.D., FACNM
Lecture: Differentiated #Thyroid #Cancer Therapy
Series: Classic Lectures in Clinical Nuclear Medicine – A CME Teaching Activity

ABOUT THE COMPLETE SERIES (Duration: 14.5 Hours)
This #CME activity brings together some of our most popular lectures in Clinical #NuclearMedicine.

It combines a practical yet comprehensive review of nuclear medicine #imaging with a concentration on the latest trends, protocols and advances in clinical #diagnosis and patient management.

Faculty share techniques, tips and pitfalls through case based presentations.

This course should benefit nuclear #medicine physicians and #radiologists. It should also benefit physicians who supervise and interpret nuclear medicine procedures. The course should also prove valuable for #physicians who order these studies.

Anca M. Avram, M.D., FACNM
Robert M. Bober, M.D., FACC
Gagandeep Choudhary, M.D.
Joseph S. Fotos, M.D.
Alan H. Maurer, M.D.
Jonathan McConathy, M.D., Ph.D.
Christopher J. Palestro, M.D., FSNMMI
Thomas H. Schindler, M.D.
Mark Tulchinsky, M.D., FACNM

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