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Genetic and Germline Testing + Q&A | Brian Helfand, MD & Mark Moyad, MD, MPH [Video]

Prostate Cancer

Genetic and Germline Testing + Q&A | Brian Helfand, MD & Mark Moyad, MD, MPH #PCRI

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0:58 Genetics 101: Germline vs Somatic Mutations
5:04 Germline Genetic Assessment: It Takes Three
11:26 Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNP’s) and Prostate Cancer
13:08 What is a Genetic Risk Score (GRS)?
15:21 A Genetic Risk Score is More Informative than Family History
17:07 Benefits of Genetic Assessment in Prostate Cancer
19:30 Four Different Benefits of Germline Genetic Testing
19:45 Statistical Evidence for Guideline-recommended Genes
22:40 Genetic Risk Score (GRS)
23:28 Utility of Genetic Risk Score
25:13 Access prognosis for localized prostate cancer patients
26:18 Monogenic Genes for Prostate Cancer Progression
27:24 Mutation Carriers and Prostate Cancer Progression
29:08 Genetic Risk Score and Active Surveillance
30:30 Genetic factors associated with prostate cancer conversion from AS to treatment
32:09 Recommends therapeutic responses for advanced prostate cancer patients
32:40 Monogenetic Genes for PARPi
35:16 Monogenetic Genes for Prostate Cancer Response to ADT
37:00 Summary
38:36 What is New in the Field of Germline Genetic Testing?
41:32 Risks of Complications Among All Men with Prostate Cancer
43:38 Comparison of CVD Risk: Metastatic PC vs Localized PC
45:33 Comparison of Osteoporosis Risk: Metastatic PC vs Localized PC
46:41 Comparison of Depression Risk: Metastatic PC vs Localized PC
47:30 Comparison of Genetic Risk of Depression Among Men with Metastatic PC
1:00:16 Two types of genetic testing – Germline and Somatic
1:01:57 BRCA 2 mutation found on Somatic test- does the family need to be tested?
1:05:40 BRCA 2 mutation found on Somatic test – should you get a germline test?
1:08:38 60% of patients who don’t meet insurance family history criteria will harbor a mutation
1:10:47 Most companies charge $249 or less for germline test
1:11:43 When would I know to get these tests?
1:15:50 Is a Polygenic Risk Score (PRS) recommended?
1:18:00 What critics are saying
1:20:33 Is PRS being used for Active Surveillance patients?
1:21:03 What does family history really mean?
1:26:53 Why aren’t all men on active surveillance tested for BRCA mutations?
1:35:46 NCCN Germline Testing Guidelines
1:37:57 Obstacles to Genetic Testing
1:42:12 Lynch Syndrome
1:48:51 Does a heart healthy lifestyle change genes and lower/eliminate lethal PCa risk?
1:53:45 Is the PRS test ready for primetime?
1:54:31 What does “Gene variation of unknown significance” mean?
1:56:58 What are the drawbacks of Over The Counter testing?
2:00:48 Liquid biopsy – what are the pitfalls?
2:04:20 Artificial Intelligence – what is it’s impact?
2:07:12 Final thoughts

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