Muddying the Etiological Waters [Video]

Muddying the Etiological Waters

Dr. Louise Davies discusses how the findings of her study on “Gender Inequity in Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis” perhaps reduce the clinical significance of hormonal differences between men and women in the development of thyroid cancer.

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Thyroid Cancer Survivor: Michelle Lambert [Video]

Michelle Lambert was diagnosed with stage 4 Anaplastic thyroid cancer in 2018. Initially, she felt a pain in her right ear and found a small lump right above her collar bone. Ultrasounds and biopsy tests detected thyroid cancer. She went through 8 rounds of chemotherapy with radiation therapies which went for six months. She did meditation, kept positive people around her and followed a proper diet plan that helped her recover faster. She tells everyone not to give up, and even if things are falling apart, hang on to the rope, and things will get better. Summing up her journey, she says, " You never know when is your last day, but coming close to death, you get to see all the things you did in your lifetime, so value all the little things". - Making quality integrative oncology cancer care accessible to all.Visit our Official website: If you or your loved one has been diagnosed with cancer recently, and need guidance on treatment or have any doubts or queries, please call on +91 99 30 70 90 00.Engage with Us!LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: