Woman whose ill health caused her to lose her teeth and suffer hair loss looks unrecognizable [Video]

A 31-year-old woman whose ill health caused her to lose her teeth and suffer hair loss look unrecognizable thanks to her dentures and wig.

Stacey Barbera, from Pennsylvania, has suffered thyroid cancer and auto-immune illnesses which caused her to lose her hair and teeth over the years.

After deciding to get the remainder of her top teeth extracted, Stacey now has to wear dentures which she says make her feel like a million dollars.

When the soon to be mother-of-eight puts her dentures in and her wig on to cover her hair loss, she looks like an entirely new woman, which has sent her self-esteem through the roof.

Stacey is hoping to spread positivity about younger people wearing dentures. 

‘Since I got my dentures earlier this year, everything has changed for me,’ she explained. ‘I have a shine about me now, whereas before I was so self-conscious of my teeth.

‘I would be …

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